The workshop is planned for one full day. Of the 15 participants, nine have written a position paper describing and discussing experiences from a PD project. These examples will inform the discussion, but will not be formally presented in the workshop.

We aim at having a real working session: that means no formal presentations except a brief introduction to the workshop theme at the very beginning. The workshop will focus on the question ‘Participation in what?’ and be structured along the five sets of questions we have described in the workshop call. These concern:

  • Creating choices
  • Selecting a choice
  • Concretizing a choice
  • Seeing/evaluating
  • The participatory design result.

We will introduce each of these topics by giving an example from our own PD projects. The workshop participants are invited to examine and discuss ‘Participation in what?’ from the perspective of their own case/experiences.

The final session will be dedicated to a more general discussion of participation, power and politics:

  • Do the concepts help deepen our understanding of participation: what is it that users participate in?
  • Does such an analysis contribute to talking about the politics of PD? In which ways?
  • And, from a proactive perspective: how can issues of power and decision-making be addressed in the planning of a PD project; what influences in what participants can actually participate; how can participatory designers ensure that the participants’ choices are visible in the design result?

We will also discuss possibilities for extending and sharpening the workshop results in a publication. An option is a special issue of a journal, with reporting from cases and reflecting on one or several of the questions the workshop addresses.